Monday, August 24, 2009

A visit of Childhood!

Yesterday, me and Amy went over to my grand auntie's house and visit her.. Everytime we meet her, she'll always... as in ALLLWAYSSS.. say the same thing, like.... errr how slim me and amy is when we were young and how big size are we now!!!! haiz.. same thing over and OVER again!!! she made us some weird desert.. It taste so weird that both of us try really hard to finish it... aiya.. respect mar... then she bring us some really old picture.. i think those picture got more than 70 years old man.... but quite enjoy viewing the 60's... then we found our childhood picturess... me n amy keep laughing at each other..

The middle one is my great grand mother.. and she's cuddling amy's father!!!

Dats me with my grand aunt!!.. wow i'm as fair as a vampire!! HOHOHOH

Me and Amy!!

Our brother hugging each of us... Amy laugh so loud at this picture and said i look like a mouse!!!

So its pretty obvious the fair one is me and the kopi-O is amy...

HAHAHAH... Look at AMY!!! the ugly chun li..

Wah.. cannot imagine that is amy!!! Damn Farkin ugly!!!!

Wah.. this one really surprise us!!! neva noe people from the past can be Sooo Open!!! and YES,,, IT's a HE!!!!

Hairspray Asia 60's

this was in year 1963!!!! all the hair style sama saja!!! its so geng that it wont even move no matter how strong the wind is!!!

Friday food hunt.

Its Friday again!!.. this time, more people join our family food hunt.. we got around 12 of us.. terpaksa have to use 2 VANS... we decided to go Paris for some chinese food... sound funny huh... that's the restaurant name.. it sound pretty cool to tell people that we went paris for...... chinese food.. HAHAHAHAH..

Our second Van driver... Tigress KATIE!!! look at her face!!! damn scary!!
So the here's the van crews, glendon, jessie, Mj and the one takin picture... sharon..

taking lotsa picture after reach the restaurant call new paris..

but... the other van is having some problem....

May's car temperature turn red after a few minutes drive from bangsar. We have to stop by at the road side.

Andrew start to help out with the radiator.. he buka the cap with the car floor mat.

then we start to take pictures , and mike went over to one of the guard house to borrow some water..

N then.. me and Amy saw this funny lil wood carve face INSIDE the tree..!!! damn scary..

Then we also found out that this tree got an ass hole!!! hahaha

May's car damn thirsty... Mike had pour almost 2 to 3 liters of water in it... still tak cukup...

the water is still dripping from the bottom... probably the radiator bocor d..

Everyone reach dere after 1 hour!!!

May teaching us how to distribute plates..

Me and Amy, distribute rice... damn hungry d..

Oi... u tot u go for beauty pageant ar... faster distribute the rice!!!

All the food.. damn nice.. and its quite reasonable too.. for sure will go back dere again..

wah... four of these piranhas.. and i can see.. Jeff is targeting the Knuckle!!! HEHEHHE

Too bad.. its all mine now..!!!

wahh.. wat a big family!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

CMM Event

We had another Event again!!! Carrefour giving us Exclusivity on the media... our event was in KGPA golf club opposite philio damansara. The event started at 9 till 11am only.. Sigh.. we did so much stuff for this event.. but it oni last for 2-3 hours.. ma n joshie was handling the audio system. We reach dere around 7:30am, then start to put up all the banting, prepare the sound system and get ready the Cds.. the agency people and client and datuksss came around 8:30am and have their breakfast. Basically nothing much but picture to share oni...

The banting and backdrop is done by Me and Mike.

The breakfast is served... got nasi lemak, laksa, bread, pancake.

Wah lau.. check out our professional photographer.. Jeff Wu.. he bought this 6000 plus lance recently..!!! rich huh..


two banana stand side by side...

wah.. the background looks like wedding deco!!

This picture damn funny... look at may's expression!! she looks as if she found her lost panties!!!

Bosses and Datuksss..

This one got no color.. dammit!!!

Sai's look if he said sumthing wrong...

Wohoo.. Katie on the stage..

our company IT guy.. Mr Lee Chong Yew.. No jokes.. dats his name!!!

wah.. This Soon look so happy!!! jessie better be careful.

Wah lau... glenny u wanna be my second uncle ar???

This one is hilarious!!! our Magiqads pantene model SHARON!! look the way she flip her hair!!!

This is like a school photograph.. our principle, teacher and students... and mike look like our class monitor.